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Towards The Ends Of The Earth: Where Angels Weep & Cast

Posted by ktobelost on February 25, 2015 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

All things worthwhile take time. With new material far from ready yet, here is a new video to Where Angels Weep from Thomas of the H'armageddon debut album Jackets for Goalposts, relaunched online thanks to SongCast. Availability on iTunes and other online stores in the coming weeks.

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Like vibrations of intervention, Jackets for Goalposts is a contrast of knowing amid trauma, in noise-drenched mayhem and minimalist ballads - and a sonic voyage through the trials and tribulations of a lasting era. Cut to 9-tracks, it will be shortly available on iTunes and other online stores, with the 12-track Limited edition CD format still available exclusively through FREQUENCY - selling out  fast.

Tracks: 1. Terra Pericolosa, 2. The Brookhaven Bible, 3. Nightbreaker, 4. Where Angels Weep, 5. Screams From The Hearth, 6. About You (In The Rain), 7. The Ishmael Manifesto, 8. I'm Not Your Archangel Now, 9. Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old. All original compositions written by Tom Kerwick  -  except 6. Reid/Reid (The Jesus and Mary Chain) and  9. S.Merritt (The Magnetic Fields).

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A Lazarus Soul - We Know Where You Live / New Album

Posted by ktobelost on September 29, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I don't often write about bands these days unless they poke me for a few words, and even then it doesn't always come out right. Other interests. That's not always the case though, of course...

I'll take one of those exceptions here to make a mental note to attend The Grand Social in Dublin on November 7th, lest Murphy's Law intervenes. That would be the album launch gig for A Lazarus Soul, in what will be the fourth studio album from the north-Dublin based band with whom many of us have favourited on the Irish music scene for some years. Also performing a half-hour slot at the upcoming Hard Working Class Heros Festival this Friday at Merrion Square in Dublin, they have just released what is a real gem in We Know Where You Live as a single from that upcoming new album.

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The term 'songs for the disaffected' has been coined and so often used to describe the canvas on which lead singer Brian Brannigan of A Lazarus Soul uses to put voice to where so many of us come from. The Smiths without all the irony, We Know Where You Live shows us the harshfelt reality, and how we hold communities together from the bottom up. Video footage from early-70s north Dublin fits well.

In hard times, where politicians continue to protect the wealthy, A Lazarus Soul are a voice we need. The new album by A Lazarus Soul, Last of the Analogue Age, is released on October 17th.

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Warning: Thomas of the H'armageddon - Syrian Amnesia EP

Posted by ktobelost on September 26, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

There are new sounds in the works at FREQUENCY. Expect to see a follow-up EP to Thomas of the H'armageddon's debut album Jackets For Goalposts early next year. Syrian Amnesia is a 5 track EP of original material following on the concepts set in that debut album. Track listing: 1. Stockholm Haze, 2. Armageddon Days Are Here Again, 3. A Prayer In The Storm. 4. Exploder, 5. Black Flag White Flag. Expect the EP to pick up where that debut album left off - and a wee taster to come in thee interm stint.

Thomas of the H'armageddon, the moniker under which Limerick based Irish solo artist Tom Kerwick currently operates, mixes the raw and minimalist punk noise with dark ballads, and a recoil into modern era conflict and religious hysteria in a world gone equally mad. And lead us not into just ze Soundcloud.

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Look To The Lady - Mechanical Lights, The Puma and The Rabid

Posted by ktobelost on July 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

On the up in Ireland, appraised by King Kong Club Kieron Black as 'a band with so much energy they're like watching a puma chase down a jack rabbit', Look To The Lady release their debut EP this month.


As a decent hard rock outfit emerging from Wicklow at present, one encounters some strong melodies fronted by soul-tinged vocals in Kelly Bolger. In Mechanical Lights we find vocals akin to a young Debbie Harry in Red Light District and Loose it All, or Stein of Howling Bells in the excellent Hypocrites are in Bloom. Enough with difficult comparisons however - let's enjoy them for what they are instead - Raw but confident, new and a bit yeek at times, but finding their feet. Look to The Lady are on the up.

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All four tracks from the debut album can be streamed from their bandcamp page, with some gigs now lined up through the year in support of their (mostly) DIY debut release. More info on links below.


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Creeds Cross - Gods and Fighting Men

Posted by ktobelost on April 15, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The solemn pipe intro (She Moved Through the Fair) does little to dampen what is an insanely Irish rock album of emphatic anthems on a back-reality true to Irish folk on these shores and beyond, be it memories of bringing in the harvest, or queuing on the dole.


Gods & Fighting Men is the 2014 album from a folk/paddy-rock collective trading under the name Creeds Cross. Almost entirely on the up-beat, it would be hard not to indulge in some of the feel-good vibes of stand-out radio-friendly anthems such as The Irish Band and title track Gods & Fighting Men, whilst tracks such as the The Virgin Mary would trump anything the Saw Doctors could shout about.


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Led by songwriter and frequent session player Bart Foley, Creeds Cross have a wealth of combined touring experience at many levels, and incorporate traditional Irish music classics, jigs and reels unashamedly through their original material. with fellow musicians in the band having played in the past with a wide diaspora of acts including Wishbone Ash, Mamas Boys, Celtus and Shane McGowan, it is not a surprise that in the midst of album track One By One, I can almost hear something of Young Ned of the Hill. Pitched as 'a journey from Mayhem to Melancholy, stopping at every pub in between', the band know what direction they will to take Creeds Cross. Whilst I was hoping for something more along the lines of The Pogues or Blood or Whiskey celtic-punk when this fell through the mailbox last week, Horselips are perhaps a more fitting comparison, and a cited inspiration amongst others for the band. There are moments here and there on this album - actually quite a few moments - that I could give the nod to despite what is at times quite a cringe-leaning meander towards easy lyrics for the sentimental. What is an air punching, toe tapping, riotous paddy drunk Irish Pub vibe holds the album together otherwise, and for that we surmise these are a band best caught live and when in their moment. 7/10.

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Fallen Rule - Understand [Showcase/Launch @ The Mercantile]

Posted by ktobelost on March 6, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

In the mailbox this week - Dublin's Fallen rule, who showcase their new video to Understand, at The Mercantile this Friday 15th March. A four piece rock band from Dublin, their debut album No Way to Know Why of last year from which the track is the lead single, was received well both on college radio in the 'States, and also here on this side of the pond - named as ‘Album of the Week’ on national radio.

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The band have played to crowds all over the world in recent years, having previously shared the billing with some of the greats including The Jesus Mary Chain, MC5, Chemical Brothers and Sonic Youth, to name but a few. However, to suggest they share something in common with such bands would be an economy on truth. Their signature sound, alas, plays a lot safer to the radio palette than such bands...

Sitting a lot more comfortably with the likes of Snow Patrol and (cough Cough) early Coldplay, what you get is a safe centre-left alt-rock touching on folk, blues and gospel, but not so much as to shake up the airwaves but to blend in, and perhaps the key to their wide acceptance to date. If reliant then on their song-writing to find a key differentiator, one does not find it, with songs of hope, heartbreak and the human condition. Still, if you like your radio-friendly emotive rock then yes these would be received well to those shorter ears. Hmmm. Support on the occasion is from The Dead Beats and a Nolan Watkinson.


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Scottish Punk Rock hits the Green - UNIFORMS

Posted by ktobelost on March 4, 2014 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

In a raid over to Irish shores this coming Paddy's week (and to our inbox this week - thanks for the heads-up guys) are the gritty-melodic bitter Scot punks, Uniform. A four piece on the run for the past couple of years, mid-March sees them appear in Galway, Dublin and Tuam (WTF?) before hitting the Warzone Centre up North in Belfast on the get-yerself-smashed day itself.

Choice listens over on bandcamp include 'Father's Day' from a recent 4-way split 10" record, 'The Trouble With Trying' from a 7" split, and 'This is not a Joke' and 'The Fear' both from their 2012 "Spectacular Terry Butcher" EP release, though as with many bands of this genre, the official word is that it is during their live show that the band truly come to life. This summer will see the band release a new 4-track 7" EP on Make-That-A-Take and hit mainland Europe for the first time. In the meanwhile they can be caught at Kelly's of Galway on Friday 14th March, Sin E in Dublin on Saturday 15th and some pub in Tuam on the Sunday before getting north for the Warzone Central on St Patricks Day.



79Cortinaz - Snowsmoke Serenade [Charity single]

Posted by ktobelost on December 5, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It is hard to believe it is almost a decade since 79Cortinaz brought us Nowhere To Go, their poignant and fondly received Simon Community fundraiser charity single for the homeless from 2005. Much has happened on the 79Cortinaz front in the intervening years, but now with Snowsmoke Serenade, we have another Christmas charity single, this time with The Friend's of St. Lukes - with all proceeds going to cancer research. Officially released today (5th Dec), it is available from most digital outlets, including iTunes and Amazon and at present can be streamed from the bands website.

Not a new song by any means, it featured on their debut album of 5 years ago (previously featured here on Frequency Ireland back in the day). Taking a fresh listen one finds 79Cortinaz bring us back to one of their elegant ballads, drifting over a delicate melody in a Mercury Rev slanting Deserter Song dreamscape, as lead singer Gala Hutton ponders life just like cigarette smoke swirling up to the sky - or if one prefers a differenet slant, sounding somewhat akin to Billy Corgan and his Pumpkins at thirty-three drifting away on a valium trip. Whatever way you look at it, it serenades well. Pitch it where you  will, this is for a great cause and a beautiful flashback track. So do something for a good cause and go buy it Today. Tomorrow's just an excuse away. Here's the new video to Snowsmoke Serenade -

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The video is also availiable on the 79Cortinaz webiste - along with all the purchase info for the single. What's more, the band are currently writing quite a bit of material, some of which they hope to release in 2014. If this means a new album in waiting, Snowsmoke is a timely reminder of that abundant talent.


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Iron Mountain - Opium [Franciscan Friary Session]

Posted by ktobelost on November 7, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Iron Mountain, the psychedelic-folk instrumentalist ensemble from Limerick City, have been gradually growing appreciation for their experimental fusion of ambient post-rock and traditional celtic folk music for the past two years. The fantastic OPIUM was recorded live at the Franciscan Friary in Limerick in May of this year - since when the band have been raising funds for a full-length album to be released next year. Below the enchanting 14 minutes of OPIUM is captured in full, which rises to noise crescendos from the hypnotic drones, fused with uilleann pipes, flutes and strings in dark overtones.

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The band consists mainly of bass, drums, guitar, uilleann pipes, flute & violin, along with other accompanying instruments - an unlikely but welcome instrumental makeup for their participation in this autumns recent Siege of Limerick VIII metal gathering. The band continue to play shows throughout Ireland in October and November to spread the word about their sound, with a plan to release the finished recordings as an album in the New Year on CD, Download, and Vinyl. This will coincide with more intense touring at home and overseas. Follow this unique musical ensemble at the links below.




Thomas of the Harmageddon - Jackets for Goalposts

Posted by ktobelost on September 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Thomas of the H’armageddon is the solo work of Limerick based Irish artist Tom Kerwick. Borne from a concept of sonic Armageddon – where Harmony is met full on with walls of noise and distortion, the material has evolved to include compositions ranging from minimalist ballads to retro-punk rock.


After featuring on charity compilation album ‘Vs The World’ in 2010 from the now defunct US label Quickstar Productions, Tom has self-released his debut album in 2012 entitled ‘Jackets for Goalposts’ distributed exclusively through his own FREQUENCY independent music label.


Opening menacingly with loud guitar samples and voice-overs, an intention is clearly to set the scene for a concept album leaning heavily on political theatre, religious end-times paranoia and future-phobia, it leads on neatly to the dark voyage of the Joy Division-esque ballad ‘The Brookhaven Bible’.


The album jilts from ballads such as ‘Where Angels Weep’ and ‘Nightbreaker’ to relentless walls of noise -most notably in instrumentals ‘The Ishmael Manifesto’ and ‘The 21st Birthday Boys Brigade’ at ease without disrupting a natural flow to the album, which is peppered with cover versions from The Jesus and Mary Chain (About You), Prolapse (Flat Velocity Curve) and two from The Magnetic Fields to close off the album (Meaningless and Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old). Interlaced with voiceovers from various sources throughout one is left with a feeling of being on a cinematic voyage.

Track Listing: 1. Intro: Terra Pericolosa. 2. The Brookhaven Bible. 3. Flat Velocity Curve. 4. Nightbreaker. 5. Where Angels Weep. 6. Interlude: Screams From The Hearth. 7. About You (In The Rain). 8. The 21st Birthday Boys Brigade. 9. The Ishmael Manifesto. 10. I’m Not Your Archangel Now. 11. Meaningless. 12. Time Enough For Rocking When We’re Old.


Jackets for Goalposts by Thomas of the H’armageddon is officially released on the 15th October 2012.


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